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                                                                           ****LEGAL DISCLAIMER****
All window tinting is done at end user's descretion. Tint My Ride recommends tinting to the legal limit of 50% VLT
for all passenger vehicles for everyday use. It is up to customer(s) to obey all state window tint laws. Anything 
beyond legal limit, will be installed for prescription or medical use,  out of state use, off road use only or
for showcar purposesTint My Ride only applies film ranging from 50%  40%  30%  20% or 5% darkest possible
for the purpose of off road use only.
All window films are applied to your vehicle for medical prescriptions purpose and or for off road use and
or for showcar purposes only. Customer also agrees window tinting any vehicle is for use off  any
Minnesota roads and highways pertaining to Statue 169.71 Subdivision 4.
Any warranty work must be approved by Tint My Ride and we do not warranty the film from any scratching, nicks,
or cuts due to normal wear and tear. Broken or replaced glass is not covered under warranty. Please  be aware that there may be minor dust and or dirt particles in some applications. This is unavoidable.  The window film(s) must be intact for any warranty issues.  Do not remove window film(s) or the warranty is void. Only state compliant window films are covered under the lifetime warranty. Noncompliant films will not be covered under warranty due to window film manufacturer's policies and procedures.
Tint My Ride is not responsible for any traffic tickets or citations associated with noncompliant window film(s).
Although we do install 50% VLT on passenger vehicles, many of the vehicle windows contain some level of tint 
from the manufacturer, thus resulting in a lower VLT which could be below the limit. For vans, trucks or SUVs, 
there are no restrictions for the rear half behind the two front windows but 50% is the limit on the front two
windows (front driver and passenger windows).       
                                                 MN STATE STATUE:MN STATE WINDOW TINT LAWS
All noncompliant window films will be installed only for PRESCRIPTIONS or MEDICAL USE or for OFF ROAD USE or  SHOWCAR PURPOSES only. When choosing to do window tinting with "Tint My Ride," you agree that all state statues have been discussed and you will take full responsibility for any and all legal obligations after the film has been applied to your vehicle.
A verbal agreement will be discussed and agreed upon before any film is applied to the customer's vehicle. After the film has been applied, it is up to the customer to choose if they obey the state statues and all legal obligations of the customer's registered state.
In some cases, a legal waiver will need to be signed before any film is applied to the vehicle.  By signing the waiver, you will release "Tint My Ride," from any and all legal obligations that you may incur. We highly recommend staying within state legal limit film applications. 
Tint My Ride has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this website. However, due to the possibility of data transmission errors, changes to source material made since the last
update to the site, or other human or mechanical errors, the information contained on this web site should
not be deemed reliable for legal purposes.