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Window Tint Removal
Do your windows look like this?
Did you try doing your own window tint?
Check out the purple tint on this car.
Don't ride around with bubbles all over your windows.
It is not safe and it definitely does not make your car look good.
 Let our window tint specialists take care of it.
If your windows are too dark or you just want a lighter
shade on your windows, call us today.
We offer window tint removal starting at
$130 full vehicles.
$90 for tint removal on rear glass only.
$20 for one side glass tint removal only.
At Tint My Ride, we can remove your old window tint
and put on new window tint.

Notice the purple color with the bubbles all over, 
this is when you use cheap store film. 
We start by removing the old film, so it will look like this. 
No bubbles or purple film. 

We form the new film and cut it to the shape of the windows.

We clean the windows and apply new film on the inside windows

to end up with a finish product that is professional, clean and better looking than before. 

Lifetime warranty against bubbling and color fading for as

long as you own your vehicle. Warranty does not cover any scratching,

knicks, peeling or gouges that may occur from normal wear and tear.

We reserve the right to void any warranty.

Exclusions apply.